At learning Skill Academy we work with limited children to ensure Quality, Focus , Attention and Parental involvement. Every child at our center goes through a detailed functional assessment at time of joining. We encourage parents to share Diagnosis reports, Past treatment details, Behavior plans and any other reports from Behavior Analyst, Occupational Therapist or Speech Therapist. We use evidence based functional assessment tools such as VB-MAPP ( Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program ) and PEAK to carry out assessment and prepare high quality program. Our program is heavily focused on developing functional skills that are found deficit during assessment phase.

The program incorporates targets that ensure development of skills / prerequisites for child’s successful integration in school and society. All the program inputs are taken from parent, school and other caregivers. Once the admission is offered, the BCBA carefully explains the teaching program and teaching methods to the therapist. Intensive ABA sessions are carried using to ensure maximum teaching and learning for the child.

Majority of our work happens on natural environment with focus on error-less teaching and play-way technique. We use minimum edible reinforcers for the child. Our objective is to use Social Play, Social praise to improve the motivation of the child and fast-pace the learning.Programs are revised with new teaching targets when existing targets are met.

In case when a teaching target is not met despite being on the program and worked for multiple weeks, a BCBA usually relooks at the teaching method to ensure that teaching target are mastered in expected time-frame. The programs, targets are shared on real time basis with parents on an electronic tool that highlights multiple reports and progress details.