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At learning Skill Academy we work with limited children in autism center to ensure quality ABA interventions. Every child at our center goes through a detailed functional assessment at time of joining. We encourage parents to share old reports, behavior plans and latest skill tracking sheet to fast track assessment stage.
We use VB-Mapp to carry out functional  assessment and  identify key deficit areas for preparing detailed IEP of child. Based on the assessment result we propose a detailed ABA program to overcome core missing skills / prerequisites for child’s successful integration in school and society.
We do consider program inputs or key skills that from parent perspective may be important to be a part of program.

  • We offer the admissions based on availability of seats in the program at center and also if we can match an available therapist that may be appropriate for child. 

  • Once the admission is offered, The BCBA carefully explains the teaching program and teaching methods to the therapist. Intensive ABA sessions are then carried using play way techniques where a therapist makes a rapport with the child.

  • All the sessions even through may look play but are focused with imparting learning to the child. 

  • All the programs are revised with new teaching targets by a BCBA when existing targets are met. In case when a teaching target is not met despite being on the program and worked for multiple weeks, a BCBA usually revises the teaching method to ensure that teaching target is mastered.