Factors contributing success of ABA Based program for Older Kids and Teenagers

There have been lot of queries we received lately on the success and efficacy of ABA based programs for older kids specially entering teen age. There is is a complete misconception that ABA only works with young children and early learners and has negative impact with teenagers and older kids. I would like to point out few studies, research and articles that have been published highlighting success of ABA program for kids of any age. Moreover ABA is a science and if practiced correctly under a guidance Board certified behavior analyst,it improve life skills of children of any age. The excerpts from the article are that there is a general misconception that ABA is effective only with children of pre-school age. There is now enough supporting evidence suggesting that if an intervention based on ABA starts before the age of 4 years, the outcomes are higher than starting later. This conclusion has led to the false belief that ABA is not effective in children of school age, adolescents, youths and adults. There is no scientific evidence up to date concluding that intervention should be stopped at a specific age due to its lack of effectivity, instead there is growing research evidence for the opposite conclusion, positive and valuable gains. The misconception that ABA is not effective after the age of 7 can be very prejudicial to thousands of children, adolescents, youths and adults.

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