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Glimpse of the Program

LSA Wholistic program for Teens is specially focused on over-all development of a child with special needs designed by Swati Kohli, Clinical Director of LSA, and experts from USA.

Swati Kohli

Clinical Director, LSA

Swati Kohli is the clinical director of LSA who has been working with special kids for more than 20 years now. 

This program is designed to empower teens with developmental disorders to become indepentent and sustain themselves in this dynamic world. Teens will be taught Academic Skills, Social Skills, Self -help Skills,  Pre-vocational Skills, and many more. After the program completion, teens will be able to manage the things like:

  • doing grocery shopping
  • commuting by public transport
  • taking a doctor’s appointment
  • Managing money , using ATM
  • or preparing a simple meal