Social Skill Training Classes

Learning Skill academy ( is very soon starting a research based Social Skill Training classes for children falling in age group of about 3-8 and 9 to 13 years old. The program is practiced to enhance child’s social thinking and cognition. This will help child to behave socially appropriate in school, home and in public places. The program will facilitate child to understand and express his own thoughts and feelings. It will simultaneously help him to understand others thought and feeling.
The skills taught in the program will enable child to self-regulate his own behaviour. The skill areas are practiced between peers for maximum generalization. Parents will be assigned with the follow up work and activities to carry forward in other natural settings.
The main objectives of the Social Skill program are:
• How thoughts and feelings are inter-related.
• When other people in the Society see us, what do they think and feel about us. Child will learn how their appropriate behavior lead to positive consequences and vice-versa.
• How we can change others thought and feelings by changing our behavior.
• Benefit of following group plan v/s own plan.
• To teach social problem solving.
We teach all these above skills through games, interesting activities and stories. The program is revised and updated regularly as per the children’s level. Parents are kept aware of programs being done in the group and how to generalize it at home and other settings.
The social skill program at Learning Skills Academy is influenced by Social Thinking program designed by Michelle Garcia Winner .Parents interested can write mail to or can contact Swati Kohli at 8447241298. Classes will start around mid-June or end of June.
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