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Social Skills

The program constitute curriculum majorly from Michelle Garcia Winner Social Skill Thinking program.  The program is planned to provoke the thought process of a child to be able to independently judge a socially appropriate or inappropriate behavior. An appropriate and acceptable behavior is practiced within a peer group to generalize the learning’s across various settings.  The program is structured and is revised at regular intervals depending on the level of the learning of the children in the group. The videos and program of the group are shared with an social skill expert in the USA , who shares her feedback , suggests program modification and updates on teaching protocols.

The main objectives of the Social Thinking program are

  • To understand conceptually what are thought and feelings
  • To understand own thoughts as well as others thoughts.
  • To understand own feelings as well as others feelings
  • How thoughts and feelings are inter-related.
  • What other people/ Society think of us and what feelings they have for us.
  • How we can change others thought and feelings by changing our behavior.
  • How a social appropriate behavior can be inculcated in the children.
  • How we can make others feel proud and good about us by changing our behavior (in school, in park, at relatives’ house.)

We teach all these above skills through games, activities and stories. The program is revised and updated regularly as per the children’s level. Parents are kept aware of programs being done in the group and how to generalize it at home and other settings


          1. Centre Therapy

  • We teach Communications and interactions naturally that in the immediate circle with other children.
  • We identify possible triggers of a particular behavior for each individual child.
  • We address Daily concerns or challenges and then deal with them according to the progress of each child.
  • We Restrict the number of children per session to ensure program quality, individual focus and quality ABA sessions.

    2. Parent Training
  • Parent Training is a highly customized program where parent can visit us with their child at our center for 1-3 months. The program  is designed for children falling in age group of 3-12 years. The parent training is a correct program for families who may not have direct access to a ABA professional but can relocate temporarily to get trained by a BCBA on ABA skills.
  • The objective of the program is to equip skills of parents so that they can provide high quality treatment to the child. At time of admission a detailed assessment of the child is performed at time of joining and a program is prepared by a BCBA.
  • The program is prepared across various target areas and a very customized child and program specific training is imparted to parent. The training is a combination of minimum theory but relies heavily on practical work where a parent works with a child. Continuous feedback is given by a BCBA to parent to sharpen the ABA skills to meet the program goals.

    Remote program support is provided via video reviews and program is revised as and when needed.