Tip of the week:- Social Story

Social stories are simple descriptions of an everyday social situation, written from a child’s perspective. Social stories can be used for any type of situation and can be perfectly tailored to your child. The idea is that, with the help of an adult, the child rehearses the story ahead of time. When the situation actually happens, the child can then use the story to help guide his or her behaviour. For your child, it can focus on using calm voice, keeping hands to themselves, upcoming changes to usual schedule, trip to the grocery shop etc. Use fun pictures and read the story to them regularly.
Think about how often your child is told what not to do. “Don’t run.” “Don’t be so loud. “Stop playing.” Some of our children may not be able to infer what they should be doing. If someone says don’t be so loud, do they mean I should be quite? Social stories focus on what should be done and can be utilized to illustrate this relationship.

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