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Assessment to Treatment for Autism, ADHD
& Other Developmental Disorders using proven research based protocols. Child specific program are designed using ABA ( Applied Behavior Analysis), CBT ( Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and Social Thinking®  curriculum


Autism Therapy at home, autism Centres, Parent training

Enabling Parents with established pedagogy and procedures to work with their children.
Perform Assessment to Treatment for Autism, and other developmental disorders at your home based on  research paper published in 2016 in IEEE Xplore . Integrating  best practices for treatment based on experts opinions and Indian cultural aspects


How learning skills academy and Parents can work together


A Team of Inter-disciplinary experts with children diagnosed on developmental disorders. Guided by our international experts we blend clincal and technology expertise to improve quality of  intervention treatment for our children.



We Practice evidence based protocols with high precision with our children. The method involves  designing a customized IEP incorporating Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Social Thinking procedures



We practice quality inter-disciplinary interventions with extensive data taking and high degree of parent involvement. We encourage parents to visit our center be part of intervention and practice those interventions for generalization at home.


What after a child is diagnosed with Autism, ADHD or any other Developmental disorder ?

You as a parent can bring out best in your child. We can guide you on how you can plan intervention and track progress with your own child at your home using our guided process and tools.

Ask Us

We are really thankful to you and your co-educators for the excellent work on my son’s sensory and language issues. We must admit that we have seen remarkable growth in last 3 months since he started attending your ABA classes. When we took him to you, he had sensory issues and was scared with moving toys which makes sound and light. But, now he has overcome that up to a great level. He is no longer afraid of such toys. He has also largely developed language skills and reasoning skills. Attending a few classes with my son has also given me the insight of hard work you put on each and every child. We once again thank you for all your efforts.

Priyanka and Kalhan

My son was diagnosed with mild autism at an age of 3 years 2 months and we were really scared and didn’t know what to do. It was at this stage we started reading and searching more on internet but to our dismay many things are written on internet & given the fact that ASD is a wide spectrum & every child is different whole thing was very confusing.

I was told by my peers and friends to look for ABA setup which has a very positive response on child with ASD. While looking for ABA specialist near my house in Gurgaon I was lucky to get hold of Ms.Swati  and started sending my son to her setup. 


We were running through a difficult phase while we got the reference of “Learning Skills Academy in April 2012. My 3 years old son was diagnosed with ASD and we were roaming around like anything for the good doctors and the right therapist.

While we put up my son in “Learning Skills”, he was not responding to his name, not playing with the toys, continuously crying at unknown places, not speaking any word. Today after spending 6 months with Swati, my son now responds to his names, does not cry at unknown places, imitates many words, started playing with Toys and does many more activities.

Shweta P

The way I look at social skills, it’s like maths. Some people are naturally gifted but some find it not as intuitive. That being said we all need just enough social skills to exist in society and to form meaningful friendships which is often a challenge if you don’t know how. I believe breaking things down into bite sized pieces and practising each bit can definitely bring about meaningful change as time goes by. There is really no instant fix.

Dr. Sona Abraham

We were glad that Swati most of the time uses play and social reinforcers instead of edible reinforcer to teach various skills to my son. It renforces my child’s behavior which is highly motivating and long lasting for his learning and generalizing skills across various settings


My son has become more open and wants to respond to the different situations without prompt after attending social skills program .
He always displayed emotions but probably had a hard time understanding other persons point of view which is something he has started exploring and acknowledging.
He has become more confident and talks more freely. I know in India there are hardly any social group classes and I am glad to see that he is learning and is looking forward to the group activities he does with Swati.

Treatment for Autism, ADHD


Our International advisers have plethora of experience in working with children with developmental disorders. We are constantly seeking their expertise to improve treatment quality.

Treatment for Autism, ADHD


Learning Skills has signed MOU with SGT University to improve clinical practices and quality of care for children. Parents enrolled with us can visit SGT University for health check up and assessments.

Treatment for Autism, ADHD


Learning Skills is working with IIT-Delhi to improve treatment quality for our children. The project is focused on reducing cost of treatment and improving quality of care.